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Cliff KiceCliff Kice was born in Louisville, Kentucky on October 5th, 1957 to Cliff Jr. and Mary Kice. His father was in the newspaper business, his mother a stay-at-home house wife. It is his parents who Cliff accredits for his love and passion of books. At the age of 6 his mother marched him into the local public library for his first official library card. From there the imaginary escape began.

In high school, he played varsity baseball and was a member of the golf team. He spent one year at the University of Kentucky, then graduated from Sullivan College. Cliff has spent his formative years with his lovely wife Brenda, north of Salt Lake City, in the small farming community of Farmington, Utah. Between raising five children, having five grand children, off-time adventures of hunting, fishing, skiing and relaxing in the Uinta Mountains, Cliff has created and written the bestselling J.C. Stringer adventures.

Kice is known for his suspense thrillers. His most recent release Saltwater in the Bluegrass has been widely praised, full of mystery and intrigue, sending his fans and their imagination into the world of total relaxation. Island of the Prosecution is the much-awaited sequel in the J.C. Stringer adventures, plans for its release is June, 2009.

Cliff divides his time between the mountains of Utah, the Bluegrass of Kentucky and whatever airplane cabin that he happens to be in while traveling between the two. Cliff’s greatest passions are his family, Kentucky Wildcat Basketball, NASCAR, the beach, especially the Florida coastline, and elk hunting. All vast differences, but each giving him time to focus on the important things of life, and in doing so gives him the much needed time to work on Stringer’s next adventure.

Cliff thinks back to a recent interview: The beginning of his writing came winning a creative writing contest in his elementary school, but then he laughs when he recalls turning his creative expression into writing songs and playing guitar for college dates. Since then he describes himself as a “Parrot Head.” It’s how he expresses his way of life. As he recalled, it’s more of a life style than a course of action chosen simply to go against your parent’s better wishes.

In 1998 Cliff’s passion for music suddenly changed during a life altering, life threatening injury. What he calls, his Ordeal. It took place high in the Uinta Mountains at his family cabin. While removing bark from a large log to be used for their mantel-place, a blade from the equipment hit a knot, turned and came out sideways instantly severing the artery in his left wrist along with several tendons to his fingers.

Cliff recalls this being the moment of truth, when deep down you instantly know if you have a testimony, or not. Thirty miles from the nearest hospital, you realize you have just severed a main artery in your body. “That’ll make you think.” Two hospitals, hours of drive time; three and a half hours of surgery later and Kice says he found himself quickly realizing his passion for playing the guitar had just taken an unexpected turn. Luckily for him he had just played in a flat-pick guitar contest that summer at the Grand Targee Resort outside Jackson Hole, Wyoming during the annual bluegrass festival. He recalls this as being his way of going out of the music business in style.

Over the next several months fighting through therapy and self-pity Kice recovered. He now tributes his turn around to his wife Brenda, for her encouraging words which continued coming up daily, “try something different, try being creative in other ways, try writing, try anything. Just try something. So, Kice recalls he did, and luckily for everyone who has read the first novel, the adventure has continued.

You can contact Cliff using one of the following options:
P.O. Box 901 Farmington, Utah 84025
Phone: 801.939.4500