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In high spirited excitement, and out-of-luck anticipation, J.C. Stringer is once again brought off his sailboat, the Brenda Kay II and hurled into a new case. Through the loss of a close friend, the reconstruction of his office, and barely escaping a near death experience from the fury of another long hurricane season, Stringer becomes involved with Rachel Chambers, Miami-Dade County’s leading prosecutor.

The verdict is in. Rachel Chambers has just won her case against four local businessmen found guilty for the murderous slaying of three black students from the neighboring county. Soon after the four men are sent to prison, when Rachel Chambers begins to think she can move on with her life members of her immediate family start to die. Is the past catching up with Rachel? Is revenge and twenty years of anguish and memories going to cost her everything she has worked for?
Digial Book

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